Monday, May 7, 2018

Mantastic monday

Guess who Mama saw dis weekend…..

Da Mantastical cousin Higgies!


Him was down fur a 2.5 second visit so Mama gots to luv on him and cousin Niles who was not about dat photoshoot life.


Higgies is such da Ham him just luvs a photoshoot. BOL


Matt & Matilda

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wordful Wednesday

Since I gets jealous when Tilda gets toys Mama gave me a new toy too. I nose it were not my Birfday buts Mama likes to keep da peace and her wanted no yelling on Tilda’s special day. Fingers crossed

Matilda Bday-13

Brudder & Daddy has been going on fossil digs wif da museum and I want to be just like them and has/finds dinosaurs. So Mama said dis would be pawfect since I are not allowed to go on these digs…sumfin about you has to be gentle while you dig…I are not sure what dat are all about I like to go hog wild when I dig! Winking smile

Matilda Bday-14

Over & Out,


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tilda Talks–Birthday Pressies

Tilda Talks-1

Well Sunday was my Birfday and I gots some good loot.

As I said on Friday we had some not so lovely weather on my Birfday but the day started with a really nice breeze so Mama opened all da windows which are my favorite and was pawfect for my Birfday morning bird/squirrel watching.

Matilda Bday-1

Then it were time for da pressies.

Matilda Bday-2

Mama gots dis cupcake wif a candle fur me since I can’t has cake and well candles/fire are probably not da bestest around my furs…Winking smile

Matilda Bday-3

I gots a new kitty teaser and a new squirrel baby dat you can puts da kitty crack cat nip in.

I waited very patiently fur Daddy to open my kitty teaser so we could get dis pawty started wif some play time.

Matilda Bday-4Matilda Bday-5

I gonna get dat fing if it’s da last fing I do..

Matilda Bday-6

Uh oh time out Daddy my claw is stuck MOM put down da flashy beast and help me…

Matilda Bday-7

We are back in bizness!

Matilda Bday-8Matilda Bday-9

Then it was time fur some snuggles wif my new squirrel baby. Him is so cute and I wuv him so much!!

Matilda Bday-10Matilda Bday-12Matilda Bday-11

It was da best Birday efur!Birthday cakeGift with a bow