Friday, April 20, 2018

Flashy Friday

Matilda FF April 20th - 2 (©Bell Fur Zoo)

My 8th Birfday are dis Sunday and I are so excited I can barely contain mahself. I even let Mama take mah picsur today wifout getting ornery wif her to make sure I get some good pressies. Winking smile 

Matilda FF April 20th (©Bell Fur Zoo)

Happy Flashy Friday Furiends! Camera

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Black & White Sunday

When Brudder and my human cuzzies are playing da video games and I does not nose how to play da video games.

Matt B&W April 15th (©Bell Fur Zoo)

Over & Out,


Friday, March 30, 2018

Flashy Friday

Mama says I need a Mani/Pedi STAT

puppy toes (©Bell Fur Zoo)

But I says quit takings pics of my puppy toes while I is sleeping you psycho lady I says dat wif all da wuv! Winking smile BOL BOL BOL

Over & Out,


Saturday, March 24, 2018


Going To The Beach (©Bell Fur Zoo)

I don’t nose about ya’ll buts all dis back n forth/hot & cold makes us just want summer and a beach day!!


Matilda & Matt


Composite Info: Beach background and old car are from a Freebie Friday in Mama’s FB group her is in and of course she took da picsur’s of us! Winking smile 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Tilda in a sunflower field (© Bell Fur Zoo)

Stop & small da sunflowers!!




Hat from Image-Ination by Rowena FB group

Sunflower field and Sunflower from a freebie friday in Mama’s composite FB group her is in.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Back In Da US of A

Our trip to Paris was a whirlwind but we had to get back home wif a quickness fur da Valentines we just nose Mama had fur us at home. So I rented a jet and flew me & Matilda home.

Matt & Matilda on a plane with word bubble (©Bell Fur Zoo)

It took a bazillion years to get back but as soon as we walked in Matilda smelled da kitty crack cat nip.

Valentines Matt & Matilda 2018 (© Bell Fur Zoo)-4

Her glued herself to da table which is a no no just a lovin on her new pressies.

Valentines Matt & Matilda 2018 (© Bell Fur Zoo)-5

Uh Matilda did ya fall asleep? Zzzzzzz

Valentines Matt & Matilda 2018 (© Bell Fur Zoo)-6

Dat jet lag must be catching up to her so we will see what Mama gots me…

Valentines Matt & Matilda 2018 (© Bell Fur Zoo)-10

OMD Mama a stuffy frisbie I wuv it!!

Valentines Matt & Matilda 2018 (© Bell Fur Zoo)-11Valentines Matt & Matilda 2018 (© Bell Fur Zoo)-12

Oh yes I will just break it in real quick befur my nap.


Hey Mama I are awake now can I has my kitty stuffy opened pawease…

Valentines Matt & Matilda 2018 (© Bell Fur Zoo)-7Valentines Matt & Matilda 2018 (© Bell Fur Zoo)-8

Oh I just wuv her so much Mama!! You are da bestest Mama in da whole world!!

Valentines Matt & Matilda 2018 (© Bell Fur Zoo)-9

Happy Valentines again my furiends!!Red heart

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentines Mischief

Soo de udder day Mama was trying to take a photo fur her 52 week photography challenge dat her is doing dis year and dis past week were candy cause of da Valentines Day. Red heart Sooo her gots one good shot & den I fought I better helps…

“Hmmm hold on hold on let me look at dis from a different pawspective…”

Matilda Valentines February 15th (©Bell Fur Zoo)

“Sumfin doesn’t seem right…”

Matilda Valentines February 15th (©Bell Fur Zoo)

“Oh wait I nose Mama I doesn’t fink you need all of these…”

Matilda Valentines February 15th  (©Bell Fur Zoo)

“Let me just push some off. One on da floor, two on da floor..Ohhhh yes just one red heart now dis are pawfect!!!”

Matilda Valentines February 15th  (©Bell Fur Zoo)

“Ummm Mama why is da flashy beast not clicking anymore…”Mama giving me the not giving two flips!

“You’re Welcome Mama!” shimmies away giving her da stink eye! “So unappreciative of my creative eye…”Flirt male