Saturday, September 16, 2017

After Irma

Sorry we has not updated da blog buts it’s been a ruff week.

Irma was a beast and it gots pretty scary in our neck of da woods.

Tilda was cool as a cucumber while I was freaking the fluff out!!

IMG_9502 watermarkedIMG_9554 watermarked

A big oak tree fell in our yard at about 1 am during da storm and missed our house by a couple feet thank the good Lord cause dat was brudder’s room it would has hit. It fell purrfect and didn’t hit da swing or da fire pit. Angel Ginger & da good Lord was looking out fur us fur sure!!!

IMG_9567 watermarked

IMG_9581 watermarked

We also had some fence post bite da dust and some shingles flew away. Mama says some are still on da neighbors roof.

IMG_9570 watermarkedIMG_9571 watermarked

And we lost da power as did efurybody in FL buts we only lost it fur 2 days. We has a generator so Daddy hooked our frigerator and some fans up so we were nice and cool even though it was super dark at night.

IMG_0337 watermarkedIMG_9560 watermarked

Mama even had to make her coffee & food on dis thingmabob...Good thing her was a girl scout & was also in da 4-H!

IMG_9573 watermarked

I has been helping Mama, Daddy & Brudder clean up and Brudder has gone to help others clean up too wif da church.

IMG_9585 watermarked

I also has been going on lots of walks cause our fence is down and when I get my leash on to go potty I expects a walk as well. BOL I are a tad rotten Mama says.

IMG_9588 watermarked

Mama still can’t believe wif dat big ole tree coming down and all da limbs and sticks flying around dat Ginger’s stick cross on her grave barely moved. (Left is befur da storm & right is after.)

Ginger Grave before stormGingers grave after storm

We were lucky ya’ll cause our community around us got flooded. We live in the high & dry area of our county buts most others live near da creeks and rivers and they got record floods not seen in the past 100 years. So pawlease say lots of pawrayers fur them as they pick up the pieces and begin gutting their homes and rebuilding. Here are some video just to show you how bads it was.

He has lots of video on his youtube channel & FB. It is so so sad.

Also both of our area animal shelters were flooded and had to be evacuated. All the animals are safe buts they lost lots of supplies & foodables. Sad smile You can see more on there faceybook pages.

Safe Animal Shelter & Clay Animal.

Please say lots of pawrayers fur efurybody in Florida! It is gonna be a long road ahead fur efuryone!!


And also pawray fur no more hurrycanes cause the weather channel keeps saying there are a couple more out there that might come our way and we are like…



Bell Fur Zoo


Here is a FB page dat was started in our area fur families dat were effected by da flood so they could post their gofundme’s

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Preparing Fur Irma

Mama is in full on freak out get efurything ready to stay & go mode preparing fur Irma and we are just pawraying her turns and dat Mama don’t furgets our treats if we has to evacuates to cousin Higgins & Niles house in TN!!

Go the fluff on Miss Irma we does nots wants you here!!



Matt & Matilda