Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello Furiends

Hello Furiends I am Ginger the Queen Bee of our Fur Zoo!

If you are popping over from Higgins blog then you may remember me from way back in the day. I was his co-writer for a short time. 

I am a 13 years young one eyed Boston Terrier who loves to sleep, eat and yeah that about sums it up I like to sleep & eat BOL!! My human people say I am a little too demanding but what can I say I am old and I want what I want and I want it NOW! 

The other members of our Fur Zoo are my little sister Matilda:

Yes, Yes she is all cute and stuff but she can be a bit mischievous and a bit of a brat if you ask me but I guess I love her. Well sometimes when she is not trying to bite my tail or face anyway.

and then there is my little ahem brother Matt:

Matt used to be a outside dog but he has weaseled his way indoors. Something about allergies. I think he made that up to steal my thunder. Mom calls him boogie Matt cause he always has eye boogers from his allergy things. He better not get any of those eye boogie things on my stuff!!

Matilda and Matt are both 5 years old. Well we think Matt is 5 but he was a stray so the Dogtor just guessed really. 

Soo anywho I am so glad you dropped by to meet us and I hope to drop by your blogs as well. My human brother Bub will be helping me out as my dogatary with our new blog and of course Mom will blog from time to time for us too.

I'll Bark at ya later!

xoxo, Ginger