Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St Patrick's Day


Matt & Matilda

Chair, hat, beard, rainbow and pot of gold is from Mama's FB furiends. If you like doing composites you can join their groups Here & Here. They also has etsy stores Image-Ination by Rowena & Fairy Tale Photo Edits. Rowena has a gallery on Deviant Art which is where the background is from. 

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Dr. Seuss Day

Happy Dr Seuss Day Efurbody!!

Looky what Mama brought out fur story time today..It are human brudder's book when him was a little boy!

Does ya'll see dat good chewin dat happened on da top right corner...

Dat was all Angel Ginger MOL her was an epic chewer good fing she was super cute!

Hey Brofur will you read me one of these stories in dis cool book Mama gots out fur us today??

Sure fing Sisfur! Hmmm lets see...

Ooo dis are a good one! It are about when dis Horton fellow heard a Who fing.

So Horton hears dis fing flying thru da air on a speck of dust and him saved him on a clover and dis fing are so tiny him can't even see him..I am suspicious dis sounds like a flea of some sort...

Wait it are a family of fleas...dis are getting good but Horton better watch his back or he is gonna has a flea infestation!!

Efuryone of Horton's furiends finks him are nuts cause they can't hear da fleas cause they don't has da hearing of a elephant..Um did I furget to tells you Horton was an elephant???

Wait wait wait there are a whole town of fleas on dis speck of dust on dis clover fing. LET IT GO Horton your gonna get FLEAS!!!

Da Mayor of da flea people on da speck of dust are talking Tilda Shhhh...Him are wanting Horton to pawtect them!!

Uh Oh Monkey's just stole Horton's dust fleas...What The Heck...Not cool Monkeys Not cool....

OMD a eagle just flew off wif da dust fleas...Noooo

Oh dear da eagle dropped them in a clover field. Can dis poor Horton's day get any worse now him has to search thru 3 million of them fings to find them...Shew he found them and they are okay just some broken stuffs!!

Oh good gravy his "furiends" are back to tie poor Horton up and boil the speck of flea dust fings.

What The Fork is up with these "furiends" Horton get some new ones buddy!!!

The dust fleas are all yelling now buts Horton's "furiends" still can't hear them...And now his "furiends" are being super mean..Tilda cover your ears!!!

Da dust fleas are playing music now...All da dust fleas are supposed to be pawticipating buts dis JoJo character was just sitting around playing wif a yoyo....DUDE you are about to be boiled in oil SING for your LIFE!!!! 🎤

Yopp him said....Ummmm what does dat mean....Oh who cares efuryone can hear the dust fleas now...Shew okay Tilda you can uncover your ears!!

Awe now dat they can hear them they are gonna pawtect his dust fleas!! I still fink Horton needs to be watching those "furiends" wif a side eye!!👀

The End!
Matt & Matilda

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