Sunday, June 28, 2015

I Want To Thank The Academy

#Maddiethepug nominated us for the

Our first bloggy award how exciting!!! We feel so snazzy and famous!!

Thanks Maddie Open-mouthed smile! If you have not been to her blog you should check it out:

 Military Wife and Pug Life

Maddie and her Momma both post on their blog and they are pretty funny and always make us snort and giggle.

The rules for this award are

1. Thank the fur-friend who gave it to me! ✔ You are the bomb dot com Maddie

 computer hugs


2. Answer some questions Maddie asked:

(These will be answered by Ginger!)

1) What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?

Matt & Matilda’s favorite thing to do is sit in the ishkindeer air conditioning. 

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Mine is to be on a float in the pool with my peeps.


2) What is your favorite treat?

Right now Mine is Riley’s Organics Sweet Potato Recipe! I give them 5 paws. They are delicious you must try them.


Matt’s are the Prairie Dog Treats Beef & Sweet Potato Jerky. I likes these too so Matt shares.


and Matilda’s is the Temptations Tumbles she got fur her birthday a couple months ago. It takes Tilda a bazillion years to go through treats.


We also all love chocolate chip cookies from Petco


3) What is your favorite toy?

Mine is my beloved skunky baby. I have had her for a really long time. I gots her from Gram as a pressie and she is very special too me!


Matt’s is a bone that he stole from me I gave him and he carries it everywhere he goes. He has been known to yell at Tilda for getting to close to it.


Matilda’s is her lamby baby that brother gave her when she was a kitten. It used to be one of his toys. Tilda likes to pretend that she has killed it and carries it around the house by it’s neck. BOL she thinks she is soo furocious. laughing smiley


4) Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Of course we do because Mom say’s if you don’t believe then Santa paws does not come and we don’t want to miss out on the yummy treats and stuffies he brings. Winking smile


5) Do you ever play fetch?

Tilda and Matt do but they are not good at the art of bringing it back and I would if I could still see good cause that was my all time favorite game.

6) Who is your favorite human friend?

Well that is a hard one but I think we all agree our bestest human friend is our brother Bub but we wuvs Momma & Daddy lots too.

7) Do you like cheese?

Oh yes we all wuvs cheese! Momma always wraps our medicine in cheese too so we don’t spits it out.

8) Why did you start a blog?
Because our Auntie Trice would not stop bugging Momma to start one! Human brother Caleb wanted too and Auntie Trice jumped right on it to make that happen and made our blog look so snazzy.

9) What's your favorite part of being a member of Blogville?

We gets to meet so many new furiends and also find out about new places to buy yummy treats and stuffies.

We wuv’s you all fur being our furiends!!! Red heart


3. Now we have to make up our own questions and nominate another furiend.

We are nominating our cousins Higgies & Niles because they are the ones who showed us all the ropes about blogging and how to keep your dogatary/catatary in check!

Our questions are:

1. What is your favorite place to go fur a car ride?

2. Who do you wuvs the most in your family?

3. What are you most afraid of?

4. If you could only bring one thing to a deserted island what would it be?

5. What is your favorite fast food place?

6. If you had to choose between Ginger Bear snacks & Peanut Butter Bones which would you choose?

7. Who is your favorite Auntie in the whole wide world? Careful guys I think this is a trick question!!Winking smile

8. Brother wants to know what is your favorite dinosaur?

9. Where is your most favoritest place to snuggle with your pawrentals?

10. Who do you think is more Mantastic? Brother is so silly we all know who that is BOL!!

Happy Sunday Ya’ll! Now off to deal with the pawperazzi! Camera

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yay I Gots A Package

Oooo looks a package from the Amazon.

Oh Drats it's not fur me! Looks like Ginger's stuff. 

Hey Sisser you gots a package. When your done with that box is all mine got it!

Oh yay my Doggles came in!

Look Mom this time they fits perfect! The last ones we tried were a different design and were way to big fur my itty bitty head

I gots one more thing.

WHAT THE HECK! Mom what are these fur???

Um lady you have lost your mind!! Furreals I am not going out in publix with these on! I look like a bug for doggy's sake! All my furiends would laugh at me!

No Way Not Gonna Happen!!!!!!

Happy Saturday my furiends!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Good Morning

Just helping Mom get ready.

Oh sorry Mom did you need the sink?

Happy Friday!!!
xoxo, Matilda

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Having A Mama I Want A Treat Meltdown

I was having a bit of a melt down while I was in Gram's lap yesterday. Mama thought I might want to snuggle with her but I had other plans BOL!

xoxo, Ginger

Monday, June 22, 2015

That Lying Kitty Cat

I should have nose when sisser Tilda told me I was going for a car ride that it would end just like sisser Ginger’s car ride a couple weeks ago.


Geejahwah told me not to trust her and that it was a trick but I was dumb and jumped in the car thinking this was gonna be a fun family outing.




Why didn’t I listen to Geejahwah WHYYYYYYY…

Oh look it’s cousin Higgies. Higgins Help me!!! Let’s make a run for it!!!


Oh wait that is not Higgies. How Embarrassing… Drats! Disappointed smile

They are calling my name…

Well this isn’t so bad I guess. The nice tech lady took me back to get my bloodwork and to get my nails did. She said I was a good boy the whole time.


So can we leave now!Rolling on the floor laughing


Mom said we couldn’t leave til we saw the Dogtor so I watched some dog TV. When the Dogtor came in I hid behind my brother.


Mom said she didn’t get any pics with the Dogtor cause I was nervous and she knows how much I hate the evil flashy thing.

I eventually came out and she gave me my shots and checked out my tummy and stuff.

Guys I gots the hooked worm! OMD Surprised smile! The dogtor said I probably got it from smelling kitty treasures in the yard.

Huh?? My kitty cat sisser lives inside! I tells you what I bet Tilda is inviting all her furiends with the hooked worm to the yard so I will get it! You better believe I am gonna give her a good talkin’ to when I gets home!

The Dogtor gave us some nasty medicine I have to take now and then again in two weeks. Guys I hope you never get the hooked worm cause when I say nasty I mean so nasty you feels sicks to your tummy! Sick smile

Anyway we were finally done and I was so happy to be outa there & in the car that I forgot to warn all the other dogs that were going in! Those poor souls don’t even know what’s comin’!Confused smile


I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the way home in brothers lap.


I got lots of beef jerky for being such a good boy..


and then commenced to snoring loudly the rest of the day.


Going to the Dogtor is a lot of work.

Over & Out,