Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloweenie Furiends

Guys Mama has been busting her little butts making brudder’s costume dis year so her has been crazy busy each day and totally furgots to do our Halloweenie pics til yesterday….sigh she needs to be fired…

Anywho it was a poop show cause we were not in da moods fur da flashy beast.

Mama set up dis cute backdrop and Matt immediately jumped up on it sans costume…Sooo Mama had to put it on him on da couch. He literally would not move!!

“OMD Mama really just take da picsur I fought you were setting dis up fur mah nap…”

Matt Halloween 2017

“Okay I finks you gots it I are gonna snooze off to dream world now on your nice back drop tablecloth.”

Matt Halloween 2017 - 2

“Like fur real Mama peace out I are going ta bed!!”

Matt Halloween 2017 - 3

“OMD it’s like she doesn’t have ears…Hey Lady No More Picsurs It’s Nap Time!”

Matt Halloween 2017 - 4

Then the fun really began. Matt dozed off and Mama tried to has a photo shoot wif me..

“Uh yeah no Mama I are not posing in dis unicorn costume in front of da backdrop…Brudder let me go or else!!”

Matilda Halloween 2017

“Okay okay I are cute take da picsur!! Where does she find these costumes torture devices?”

Matilda Halloween 2017 -1

“I mean just look at dis get up…how embarrassing I am in a tutu fur goodness sakes..”

Matilda Halloween 2017 -2

“Pawretty sure you got da shot pawease remove dis from mah body!!”

Matilda Halloween 2017 -3

“Um yeah can I has some privacy while I hide in shame and clean mah backside cause dat are what I fink of dis costume??”

Matilda Halloween 2017 -4

“On second thought Mama I like my unicorn hat it makes me feel like a pawretty pawretty princess and if you try to take it I will bite you.”

Matilda Halloween 2017 -5

Happy Halloweenie efuryone. We hope you get lots of treats and no tricks.Ghost


Matt & Matilda

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Black & White Sunday

Ginger BW October 22nd (1 of 1) watermarked

Mama wuved dat picsur of da sun shining on Angel Ginger’s grave so much dat her made in black & white. It even highlights Ginger’s favorite kiddie pool in da background.


Matt & Matilda

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tongue Out Tuesday

Tongue Out Tuesday October 17th  Bell Fur Zoo

I was out visiting Angel Ginger and telling her all about da pile of sticks dat has tons of dewicious lizards in it!! You can barely sees me buts you can sure sees my tongue…BOL BOL BOL In loveNyah-Nyah

Tongue Out Tuesday October 17th  Bell Fur Zoo

Over & Out,


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Matilda WW October 11th watermarked Bell Fur Zoo

Daddy took dis picsur so it are a bit fuzzy buts Mama added some pizazz in da light room and her still wuvs it bunches!!



Thursday, October 5, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Since I was talking about my bio fur Mom Mabel & my brudder & sisfur earlier dis week I fought I would share some picsurs wif ya’ll.

They were not da bestest quality buts Mama fixed them up real pretty.

Here we are all right after Uncle Geronimo & cousin Bradley got us out from under da house where Mama had us.

Matilda, Mom & Siblings - 3 (TT) (1 of 1) watermarked

Then hasen a yummy snack on da back porch. I are not sure which one is me cause we were identical triplets buts Mama finks I are the one not eating cause I was all Miss Independent dats why brudder Caleb picked me.

Matilda, Mom & Siblings - 2 (TT) (1 of 1) watermarked

Poor Mama all of us looked just like Daddy who was a big maine coon mix. Him was one of those knock her up and then head fur da hills and leave her to tend da kittens types…. Literally we lived in da hills of TN MOL MOL

Matilda, Mom & Siblings (TT) (1 of 1) watermarked



Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tilda Talks

Tilda Talks question

Okay as ya’ll nose I has been being a little Ornery BAD when I go to da dogtor the past couple years. If ya does not nose then read dis:

I Was Hissin’ & A Bitin’

It was not pawretty…

So Mama & my dogtor Julie talked last time she was at da vet wif Matt about maybe giving me sumfing to helps dis year. Mama went and picked up da meds yesterday cause my appointment is at the end of da month. Well of course Mama went to googlin smooglin and now her is freaked out even though her trust dogtor Julie very much!!!

Ya see I does not take medicine fur anything. My bio kitty Mama passed away during her hysterectomy and it totally devastated Auntie Trice and da dogtor who said he had nefur had dat happen. Then my bio kitty sisfur passed away during child birth and so did all her babies…soooo sad. Crying face Now my bio kitty brudder well him ran off and we fink him is living da good life wif my bio Daddy’s family. Anywho long story even longer Mama is freaked when it comes to anyfing medical wif me cause of my kitty mama and sisfur. I did good fur my hysterectomy buts dat are all da surgery I has had and the only time I took da good meds dat make ya sleepy & stuffs.

Sooooo Mama needs to nose does any of ya’ll has Ornery Da Hissin’ & A Bitin’ kind kitties when ya’ll go to da dogtor and does they take medicine or has ya’ll found any other stuffs dat works.