Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day

Today we are joining in da fun wif Arty, Jakey & Rosy from Living Laughing Barking In Our Backyard fur a day at da blogville amusement park to celebrate Memorial Day!!

20180528_A Day at the Amusement Park

Look Matt a Ferris Wheel come on dis will be soo fun!!

Matt & Matilda on Ferris Wheel Memorial Day post (©Bell Fur Zoo)

Um Sisfur I doesn’t want to do anymore rides dat are high like dat I feel a little bits sick to my tummy!

Okay brudder how about a spin on da carousel??

Matt on Carousel Memorial Day (©Bell Fur Zoo)

Matilda on carousel Memorial Day (©Bell Fur Zoo)

Brudder I don’t nose about you buts I are working up quite da appetite I fink we need a snack befur da big BBQ later. How about some cotton candy & candy apples??

Matilda and Matt fair food Memorial Day (©Bell Fur Zoo)

See ya’ll all at da big BBQ we are off to ride a few more rides!


Matt & Matilda

We would like to take a moment and fank all da Men & Woman who have died in the line of duty to give us all our freedoms dat we has today!

Matt & Matilda with Flags (©Bell Fur Zoo)


Fair food truck digital backdrop was from pixabay and all others were from Mama’s Freebie Fridays from da composite group her are in on da faceybook.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Mantastic monday

Guess who Mama saw dis weekend…..

Da Mantastical cousin Higgies!


Him was down fur a 2.5 second visit so Mama gots to luv on him and cousin Niles who was not about dat photoshoot life.


Higgies is such da Ham him just luvs a photoshoot. BOL


Matt & Matilda