Thursday, August 31, 2017

Throwback Thursday- MIA and Pawrayers

Long time no blog….Sawry Mama got plagued wif da bad barometric migraines fur like a week. Her finks it was from dat crazy eclipse or maybe cause it rains efuryday in FL.Shifty

Den dat mean old Harvey hit Texas and her has been glued to da TV and her heart has been hurting so bad fur da people and fur babies in South Texas. We has been pawraying hard fur dem.

Pray For HoustonPaws Together For Texas [1] 

Den I started hasen tummy troubles about two days ago and dis are how I am feeling today. 

Matt Not Feeling The Best (Bell Fur Zoo)

Dis are an old picsur from June cause Mama did nots wants to bother me wif da flashy beast today so it counts as a throwback. Winking smile I are on a rice and chicken broth diet fur right now and Mama says if I don’t feel betters soon I has to go to da dreaded dogtor. Sad smile

Pawray dat don’t happen guys!!! Fingers crossed

Over & Out,



Fanks to Zoolatry fur da picsur fur Texas. Mama has donated to Convoy of Hope cause a friend of hers in Houston said dat would be a good one & Dallas DogRRR buts her has heard dat Best Friends is a good one fur da fur babies too. JJ Watt is also doing some pawesome fundraising too.

An Instagram friend of Mama’s dat also lives in Houston posted dis link for info and said they need lots of diapers we hope all da links help Smile

Friday, August 18, 2017

Flashy Fairy Friday

Mama has been turning me into fairies again….Fairy Matilda in Laura Lee Photography background from TL group (FF)

MOL her is so cray cray Winking smile




Background from Laura Lee Photography. It was a Freebie Friday in Mama’s FB photography group. Camera Fairy overlays are from Pretty Presets. Mama says they has da best presets, actions & overlays.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Black & White Sunday

B&W Sunday (Bell Fur Zoo) with Kristen Grove background from TL group-2

Since I are an indoor kitty cat Mama photo shopped me outsides fur dis black & white Sunday.

Dis fresh air are refreshing!!Winking smile




Background was a Freebie Friday from Kristen Grove who is in Mama’s FB group she belongs to. Camera

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Black & White

Mama was playing wif dem curves again after her made my caturday art yesterday and I was like woah Mama dat looks a bit weird….

Matilda (CA Bell Fur Zoo

But then her turned it Black & White and I was like okay Mama I approve! Winking smile

Matilda (Black & White Bell Fur Zoo)

Hope you are having a Pawastic Sunday furiends!!!



Saturday, August 5, 2017

Caturday Art

Matilda (CA Bell Fur Zoo)

Mama was playing wif sumfin called curves and her has no clue how her did dis but I fink it are cool!!!