Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloweenie

Mom did a little photo shoot wif us the udder day and since Halloween is on a Saturday she made it football themed since our Dawgs are playin’!! Well accept Tilda’s Costume. Winking smile

The Cheerleader


Ra Ra Ree Kick Em In The Knee Ra Ra Rass Kick Em In The…


Udder Knee BOL!!

Alright Mom enough with this Cheerleader get up I ams a boy!!


How embarrasing!!!


Wide Retriever


Is she tryin’ to say I am fats or sumfing??




Mom are we dones yet…


I are sick of the flashy thing…


And of course the Ref


I’m sexy and I nose it!!


I call Off Sides…


Or wait maybe Touch Down!!! I don’t nose much about the footballs???


Tilda was kind of a cheerleader toos cause she had a pom pom around her necks. BOL!!!




Remove this NOW..


Off I say..


Okay Mom if I sit real nice for the flashy thing will you get this thingy OFF of Meeeeeee!!!


Mom I will wears it.


It makes me look bootiful I thinks!!


Happy Halloweenies!!!

The Bell Fur ZooVampire bat

**Note From Mom**

Ginger has slowly been loosing muscle mass over the past year so if you notice she is considerably smaller that is why. Between her Cushings, sludgy gallbladder and old age her body is taking a big hit. Sad smile The new raw food plan we have her on is helping with her Cushings belly but it is also making her look really tiny everywhere else even though she has not lost weight anywhere else. We are having too tweak her food plan in hopes we can maybe build back up some muscle but at the same time keep the belly at bay cause that messes with her back. It’s a struggle but she is 14 so she may never gain the muscle back but that won’t stop me from trying and she is still a very happy girl. She also still has a boo boo on her arm cause she won’t leave it alone. We usually have it wrapped so she can not lick it but it was off the day we did this photo shoot so it could air out.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Throwback

Guys I has been dressed up as everything under the sun. Momma loves a good costume and always gets mine on sales after Halloween. Here are just a few of my pawesome ones.

Gingers costumes over the years

Sometimes we likes to torture dress sisser up.

Here she is in my old Santa costume that doesn’t quite fits me like it used to. It fits Tilda purrfect bahahahahahaha.

Matilda in the santa suit

And Remember that cute sweater I had on in the first picture well we slapped that bad boy on Tilda one year too.

Matilda in gingers halloween shirt

She was not super thrilled. BOL!!

Hope ya’ll liked our Halloween throwback. Ghost



Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hugs From FL

We are pawticipating in the Hugs Around The World Blog Hop for Three Little Pugs Daddy who is in the hospital but looks like he might get to blow that popsicle joint tomorrow. Woot Woot!!! We hopes he gets lots better real soon!!

Ginger & Matt were not in a very huggy mood today or maybe they were just hiding from the flashy thing...but I was ready to hug and by hugging I mean squeezing and biting lamby baby. MOL

Huge Hugs,

Bell Fur Zoo

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mamma Caved

Guys I think I am breaking Mamma cause the udder day she brought me and Matt a cheeseburger from ickdonalds. Surprised smile


I has never seen somefin so beautiful in all my lifes!!


I would like to say that I savored every morsel but I scarfed that burger down before Mamma could even open the wrapper on Matt’s.


I asked Matt if I could shares some of his and he was all sorry bout your bad luck chica but that ship has sailed and that burger is swimming in my belly…boy was it tasty!!!


Man is he quick!! Sarcastic smile

Tilda does not like burgers but she got some of the cheese from Mama’s. I know she is nutso…Winking smile

Hopefully Mamma is back to her senses and cheeseburgers will be a once a week treat!!

smiley hungry