Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloweenie

We did a test run yesterday wif all of our outfits.

I are gonna be a skeleton so I match brudder dis year. Him are the Grim Reaper.

(Mama says to excuse the fact that her pantry door was open THE WHOLE TIME!Winking smile)

Caleb & Matt 2Caleb & Matt

I did not realize dis was a test run and got so excited to go trick or treatin’!!

Matt Halloween 1

“Where is the yummy treats brudder?”

Matt Halloween 2

“Come on let’s go!!”

Matt Halloween 3

“What’s we are not going today??? What the furs brudder…”

Matt Halloween 4

Den it were Tilda’s turn and well her was not reals happy bouts the whole situation!!

“I does nots wants to be Princess Leia Mama!!!”

matilda halloween 1

“I nose I look so cutes but puwease take dis off of me!!!”

Matilda halloween 3Matilda halloween 4

“Okay okay enough wif the pawperazzi!!”

Matilda halloween 5Matilda halloween 7

“Good grief lady costumes are fur the dogs!!”

matilda lighting fixed

We hope you have a safe and happy Halloweenie!!


Matt & Matilda

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Black & White Sunday

Matilda B&W with winter black and white

Matilda B&W with pastel collection

Matilda B&W

Mama were havin’ a little too much fun playing around in lightroom wif this picture of me ignoring her. Winking smile




Nola & Sugar

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Was Hissin’ & A Bitin’

So there I was this mornin’ lookin like a pretty pretty princess…


Maybe a tiny grouchy pretty pretty princess but I had just woke up from my kitty nap.

When all of the sudden I am pawtesting in the car in my kitty crate…

What the fluff Mama!!!!

I smelled a dogtor visit in my immediate future and I was not havin’ it!!

I was good for 1.5 seconds


Then I gots reals mad and started hissing at effuryone!

I tried to become one with the wall, hide in mama’s hair and hide under the chair.


The dogtor came in and had to pry me out from under da chair and then I started showing hers lots of teefies and hissin’ a whole bunches! I even tried to bite the vet tech…

The vet was laughing cause hers nose Mama real well and nose how much of a brats I can be. I did not find any of this funny what so efur!!

She could only give me my shots and said as far as the physical exam went that my teef looked great cause I was showing her those lots…MOL MOL MOL

Mama was so embarrassed buts as soon as we got back to the car I fell fast asleep and have resumed being a pretty pretty princess!! Princess





Mama note:

Tilda started this behavior at her last annual check up and then this one before that she might hiss a tiny bit but that was it. I have never had a cat act like this at the vet. Anyone else's cat flip out at the vet??

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Caturday Art

Mama's friend on the faceybook was using dis cool app called Artisto so Mama downloaded it and has been playing wif it dis morning. 

Here are the original picture first!

Isn't it da coolest!!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Announcement Time

Guys we has some impawtant news!!

Mama gots us our very own instagram account now!!
Go click the side bar button somewhere over there →
Or this button right here ↓ to follow us.
Fur Zoo Side Square with new tilda
Matt & Matilda

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mama Needs Your Help

Mama is trying to find a good video monitor thingy ma bob so she can keep an eye on us when she is gone.


Matt & Matilda being videod

Does any of my furry furiends have any suggestions on one that uses wifi, an app on mommy’s iPhone and doesn’t cost a bazillion buckaroos??

Her has been googlin smoogolin all morning and hers eyes are going cross eyed reading all the reviews.


Matt & Matilda

Monday, October 10, 2016

We Made It


Guys we are happy to report that we only lost power for 12 hours and we only had a few big tree limbs down and a fence panel tried to fly away!!

Mama put together a little video from start to finish. Of course hers did not go outsides when the wind was real bad cause that would be too dangerous!!

We played games by lantern light wif Mama, Daddy & Brudder!




Best part was when Daddy felt pity fur me and removed one of the boards after the wind died down so I (Matilda) could see the outsides!


I (Matt) even got to try this thing called a honey bun when we were making coffee on the back porch the next morning! It was delish!!!




We were so happy when the ishkindeer (AC) kicked back on. We plopped our big butts right in front of the fan so we would have double AC!! BOL MOL


All in all we faired well my furry furiends!!

Please say lots of pawrayers fur our furiends at the beaches and fur all those that have been affected by Hurricane Matthew!!


Matt & Matilda

Thursday, October 6, 2016

I Can’t Sees Nuffin’

What The Fluff Mama????

Matilda storm pic 2

Where did my back yard go???

Matilda storm pic_

We hope everyone that is in Hurricane Matthews storm stays safe!!


Matilda (Matt & Bell Fur Zoo Mama)