Friday, June 29, 2018

Flashy Friday–Matt & Tilda Chat

“Hey Brudder you okay?” ~Tilda

Matt & Matilda Chatting (©Bell Fur Zoo)

“Yes Tilda I am fine…now could you pawease backs up out of my personal space….” ~Matt

Matt & Matilda Chatting-2 (©Bell Fur Zoo)

“Well Mama said you were not feeling good and dat I needed to check on you and dat you was being a scaredy dog cause of da storm sooo um NO I will not get out of your personal space I has come to comfort you… I are like your therapy cat Winking smile” ~Tilda

Matt & Matilda Chatting - 3 (©Bell Fur Zoo)

“Listen up girlfriend I don’t need a therapy cat and I are not a scaredy dog I just has some issues wif da loud booms…nuffin to see here now move along chica I has to go get in mah blanket fort befur it starts raining hard and you are in mah way… Don’t make me yell at you!!” ~Matt

Matt & Matilda Chatting - 4 (©Bell Fur Zoo)

“Hmm yeah I am gonna go wif a big fat NOPE on dat request! And go ahead and yell dat will just get you in da troubles not me…. MOL MOL MOL” ~Tilda

“Mooooom Tilda are in mah way and won’t move!!!!!!” ~Matt


Matt & Matilda

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Black & White Sunday

Matt B&W June 24th (©Bell Fur Zoo)

What’s Sup Pawty Peeps!!

Sawry we has been MIA from da blog and da commenting. Mama has just been concentrating on us dis week. I started hasen tummy troubles again mid week Sick smileand Mama noticed a new lump on my chest Thursday which freaked her da fork out. Sisfur still kept tossing her cookies which come to find out her had a hairball stuck which has happened befur so Mama knew what to do and had to give her sumfin to pass dat sucker on through. Her are feeling betters.

Anyfurs I went to da dogtor yesterday fur da appointment Mama had already scheduled me and I are on another round of da antibiotics cause I still has some bacteria in my guts dat are causing all da tummy issues so paws crossed dis gets rid of it fur good or I might need sumfin stronger or da dreaded shots. Dr. Julie said my lump on my leg dat I has had fur over a year was still just mostly fatty and since it hasn’t grown we are leaving it alone fur now and the lump Mama found on my chest was just full of water so might just be my body’s reaction to da bacteria infection since it were near one of my lymph nodes. I gots my yearly shots like a good boy and home we went wif a very relieved Mama!

We hope ya’ll has a pawesome Sunday!! Smile

Over & Out,


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Matt Update

Matt Update (©Bell Fur Zoo)

Just wanted to let ya’ll nose dat I are feeling betters. I had lots of bacteria in my tummy and we are not sure why….so I was put on antibiotics and they did the trick so no shots fank da good Lord! I are still resting lots wif my stuffies though and wif da storms we has been hasen I has been hiding in my blanket fort lots too.

Matt Update (©Bell Fur Zoo)

Buts since I has been gettin all da attenshun Tilda has decided her has da tummy troubles too and has been tossing her cookies a lot. She can’t stand when Mama gives me more attenshun then her. I telled Mama her was just being a drama queen buts Mama finks her are actually not feeling well so we are keeping an eye on her mine is more of a side eye but whatefur. Winking smile

I go back to dat dreaded dogtor next weekend fur a recheck and fur my annual appointment so wish me luck. Thumbs upFingers crossed 

Over & Out,


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Matt Bday WW (©Bell Fur Zoo)

Matt Bday WW (©Bell Fur Zoo) -1

Over & Out,



Mama here - If you could say some prayers for Matt he had a bit of a rough day yesterday. I won’t go into too much detail so I don’t gross anyone out but it was smelly, there was blood and a carpet cleaner was involved at 7 am. He is on antibiotics that we hope fixes the issue or else he will require a visit to the vet to get a couple shots of stronger stuff.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Flashy Friday

Oh hey Mama look at dis new box brudder gave me..

Matilda (©Bell Fur Zoo)

Say what…you fink I mights be too bigs fur it??

Matilda (©Bell Fur Zoo)

No no Mama I fits pawfect especially fur dis nice nap I are about to take in it!!

Matilda (©Bell Fur Zoo)