Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Haunted Halloween


We’re off to see da wizard haunted house da most wonderful wizard haunted house of all..

Yellow Brick Road Background 23

Mahahahahaha I will get you my pawretty and your little big dog too!!!

matilda flying to the moon in a witches hat (©Bell Fur Zoo)

House of Hauntings Digital Background 10


Matt & Matilda


Yellow Brick Road background, Haunted House background, Skeletons and Witch are from Captured by Carrie (Shoot For The Moon Images), Mask on Matt & witch hat on Matilda is a freebie from Mama’s FB group and efurything else Mama shot fur da composites.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Flower Friday & No Tricks Just Treats

Flower Friday - Bradford Pear (©Bell Fur Zoo)

We haven’t had much pawretty flowers in da yard lately but our Bradford Pears started thier Fall blooms and they are very pawretty to look at.


We has two shelters locally. One is run by da county and one is a safe animal shelter.

They both has awesome volunteers and when they needs somefing they announce it on their social media or it’s on their sign in front of their building. This helps Mama a lot cause her can look at da sign on da way to town and grab whatefur they needs. Mama also loves when they link an Amazon wish list on social media cause then her can get whatefur they need to them wif a quickness (gotta love prime shipping)!!

Sign of needs (© Bell Fur Zoo)

Da one fur da county is very lucky beclaws they has a great group of people who are volunteers who has social media pages fur da dogs and one fur da cats and they help get da word out when they are getting really low on stuffs or if da shelter is getting too full and needs fosters ASAP since dat one is not a no kill shelterSad smile. This group also raises money to make sure any dog dat comes in gets necessary vet treatment and if they has heartworms it is treated befur they are adopted out. Mama donates monies to them at least once a year to help wif da costs and when they puts out a ASAPlease fur supplies her tries to gets to da store lickity split to get it to them.

treats no tricks (© Bell Fur Zoo)

We also donate tennis balls to both shelters. Daddy has a friend who plays da tennis and when the balls quit being as bouncy he brings them to Daddy. Sometimes Daddy comes home wif two giant boxes full and Mama splits them up between da shelters.

Another great fing to donate especially dis time of year is da $4-5 blankets they has a Walmart efury year dat has all da cute animals on them. They are usually on a big end cap or in da middle of an isle. Mama scoops up a bunch and divides them between da shelters so the kitties and doggies (and sometimes even goats, cows, piggy's and horses) has a nice warm spot to rest their cute little heads when it’s cooler outside. 

We just love giving to our furiends and we hope they all find da bestest homes efur like we did.


Matt & Matilda

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

WW October 17th (© Bell Fur Zoo)

Um Mama are you aware dat my water dish is low…. I does not drink from it when it are dis low cause brudder likes to backwash when him drinks… MOL