Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yay I Gots A Package

Oooo looks a package from the Amazon.

Oh Drats it's not fur me! Looks like Ginger's stuff. 

Hey Sisser you gots a package. When your done with that box is all mine got it!

Oh yay my Doggles came in!

Look Mom this time they fits perfect! The last ones we tried were a different design and were way to big fur my itty bitty head

I gots one more thing.

WHAT THE HECK! Mom what are these fur???

Um lady you have lost your mind!! Furreals I am not going out in publix with these on! I look like a bug for doggy's sake! All my furiends would laugh at me!

No Way Not Gonna Happen!!!!!!

Happy Saturday my furiends!


  1. Looking good in those doggles! Have a great Saturday!

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute. You are styling now with your doggles.

  3. I love the goggles. Then other thing makes you look like Underdog

  4. Packages are awesome! I love the goggles you got!!

  5. the doggles look great but those mesh things - wait till no one is looking and bury them in the backyard :)

  6. Wow the doggles are way cool, but what the heck with the other thing. We have never seen anything like it!