Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Dishes

Mama went to the shops yesterday with her friend. Her back is still all mess up but she was loosing her marbles sitting in the house. So far the injections are not making her feel all warm and fuzzy but they said sometimes it takes the second round for it to make a difference so keep crossing your fingers and toes. Fingers crossed

She was on the hunt for me because my dishes are well… Ghetto Fabulous Chic?? Smile with tongue out


I make quite the mess with my food dish and my water dish is one of brothers old baby dishes.

I usually have my food in the tub so the dogs don’t steal it but Mom needs the tub fur her back so I got booted out.

Since she felt so bad she had to move me she went and got me these:


Well the Love My Dog is fur Ginger and Matt!


I wuv all my news stuffs. Watcha fink guys?



Well I may have loved them a little too much cause Mom walked back in and this happened.


Um my bad Mom I was trying to cover up my food and the rug got in my water dish.

Mama dried it all up and put it here instead so I can use it as a sleepy spot since it has the soft squishy stuff in it.


Here is Ginger and Matt’s new set up in the kitchen:


Ginger wuvs it!!


Mom still has not figured out a place fur my other mat. I told Matt I would shares it wif him but he was not impressed. Pffftt he doesn’t know a cool rug when he sees one!!




**Mama got the dishes at Bealls Outlet, The two bigger mats from Marshall’s and the little mat from Bed, Bath & Beyond**


  1. I luffs the Fine Dining at your house, just pawfect. I had to get a new mat as well 'cos I kept running off wiv mine and chewing it, hehe
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. MOL well at least you didn't get it all wets likes I did ;)

      xoxo, Matilda

  2. We need three of those, BOL. Mom said we are piggies
    Lily & Edward

    1. MOL I says you deserve them ;) They were super cheap mom said.

      xoxo, Matilda

  3. You're very posh. We only have old cheap, plastic food dishes because SHE says we only use them for 30 seconds a day.

    1. MOL MOL I have had my ghetto fabulous chic ones for 5 years so maybe there is hope you will get some in the future ;)

      xoxo, Matilda

  4. We have the oval mat just like yours from Bed Bath & Beyond. Our water dish goes on it
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. You just gave me a great idea! My mom's dog is visiting next week while they're on a cruise and I have the hardest time separating them during suppertime. I'll just put one of them in the bathtub to eat!

  6. Mom got me this wide flat dish with shallow sides so the food is spread out so I can't inhale it and then throw up. It seems to be working!

    We hope you Mom is feeling better soon.

    Abby Lab