Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Santa Paws & His Magical Christmas Key

Guys I are a bit worried.

See this Chrissymas tree behinds me?? Momma says there are a magical key on it that you hangs on the front door to let Santa Paws in on Chrissymas Eve since we has no chimneys and stuffs.

Well here are my predicament. 

I likes to barks/growl and yells and stuffs like that when people come to the door. Sooooo whats I are afraids of is whats if I scares the bejesus out of Santa and he runs fur his life???

This is my first Chrissymas insides on Chrissymas Eve. Usually I am in my nice doggy mansion on the back porch so Santa can sneak in while I am snoring snoozing and gets all his present givings out of the way befur I notice some strange old fat man in my house and loose my marbles...

I just nose I are gonna mess this ups.....

Brother says not to worries beclaws I will be in his room wif him but my bark/growl/get the forklift out of my house is pretty loud.

So pawease keep your paws crossed. I would hate fur Santa to miss everyone's house beclaws he had to go home to change his britches.

Over & Out, 


  1. you know Santa has some magical powers of his own - one being that all dogs instantly love him and are all relaxed around him - so don't worry

  2. Paws crossed Santa Paws visits my house furst......that way I will get pressies befure you scares him to deaf! Bol!


  3. It is true what Reilly & Denny say...you won't bark at Santa. He is like a big, pawesome doggie so you will feel all comfy with him coming into your house.

  4. Good to know! Our paws are crossed
    Happy Holidays
    Lily & Edward

  5. Along with cookies leave a change of underwear for the big guy. Size XXXL! Problem solved! Bol
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh dontcha worry, gussie went with santa last year all over the world and he said never one time did a doggie bark at him, you will just know it is santa you can give him a lick though....stella rose

  7. Santa will be there!! He finds us every year with those darn snorting pugs!!

  8. Yeah....it is a problem. But, we think he puts up a magic shield or something, cause we never hear him...and he always comes.

  9. We think Santa has magical treats that make you not bark and growl. So don't worry.

  10. I just know it will be ok and you will get lots of goodies!

    Merry Christmas

    Ziggy Out!!

  11. We think you'll be okay because once you see Santa, you won't bark. He's special. :)