Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Wordless" Wednesday

Well more like short & sweet Wednesday.

Sorry our Dogatary/Catatary has been a little MIA but here is the short & condensed version of what we has been up too!

January was a bit nutso with Ginger going to the bridge, our pap and granddaddy having surgery in the same week and then our human brother got sicks....Needless to say Mom was thankful to say buh bye to January!!

We are all still mourning Baby G.
(one of Mom's pet names for Ginger)

Me and Mom go and talks to her quite a bit. I always show Mom the spots that are getting too many leaves on it and check for lizards so she can clear them away so Ginger can hears me better.

I tells her how we miss her on the insides of the house and wishes she could come out and play. I also tells her how Tilda keeps trying to snuggle me and how I don't nose about all that but I tries to be nice cause I nose she misses her snuggles with her.  

Mom usually sheds a few tears and I snuggle Mom. 

Daddy built a fire the udder night and we all had a nice time. I am sure Ginger enjoyed it.

Since human brother was so sick in January Mom had to switch some of his classes to the kinds you do on the puter.

I really wish brother would feel 100% better but I must be honest I am howling at the moon that he is home more to be with me. Since he doesn't have the PE anymore at schools me, him and Mom go fur lots of walks as our PE. It has been so much fun!

I just wuv my brother soooo very much. He is having a procedure done tomorrow to try to figure out what exactly is going wif him so if you could put your paws together I would be so grateful!

Over & Out,


  1. POTP coming your way. We hope all the sickies are over for the year. SHE often has to go out to weed Carys, Kendra and Daisy....

  2. Lots of POTP coming from here. Luffs and hugs
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. WE are sending some our our Pug POTP for brother and hugs to you and your mom.
    Mr Bailey Hazel & Mabel

  4. What a nice little memorial you have there
    Lily & Edward

  5. POTP coming your way, we know how hard January was for yu. We are glad it is gone..hugs.
    stella rose

  6. You have been going through such an incredibly stressful time, praying all eases up for you soon and we are praying all will be well with "human brother" xoxoxo