Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sepia Saturday

These are the last pictures we took with Sisser.

Mama says we were so sweet her last week. I would stay real close to her and give her gentle kisses (no bites) and gentle taps (no claws). Anytime I would hear Mama crying I would come and give her soft head butts and purrs. I even tried to lick mama's hair and gots it stuck in my mouth a few times!

And brother Matt would come sit close to Mama and give Ginger gentle kisses on her forehead which he rarely does. We call them run by kisses cause he would run up sniff her and give her a gentle kiss then run off. It was really cute. He was also pretty protective of her in the yard too.

We just want to say how blessed we are to have such sweet blogging friends who stop to leave such sweet comments and give us so much love and prayers.

Soft purrs and licky kisses,


  1. Love your little family! I'm so sorry you've had a tough week. Same over here with Military Husband. He was sad to hear of your loss as well! Xxoo

  2. Awe thank you! I have been praying for ya'll.

    I sure hope Ginger and Military Husband's Dad were both sitting with each other during the introductory to heaven class.

    Jenny - Bell Fur Zoo Mama

  3. You are such a sweet little family taking care of your sister when she needed comfort. We know you must really miss her.

  4. Ginger was so blessed to be feeling so loved as she prepared for her journey to the bridge.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. We know grieving is a journey, so we stopped by to leave a hug.

  6. We know it's not easy losing a furbaby. We're glad you're taking good care of your mama.