Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Round Up

Well the weekend started out wif Matilda yelling at me.

“Hey Matt gets up!!! Guess where your going today..


the dogtor MOL MOL!!!”

It wasn’t so bad and the dogtor said I was doing great!!


There was this poor pooch in the waiting room that was loosing his mind though that had me rather concerned fur him. He just kept crying in the waiting room.


After we went to Burger King where I took this pawesome selfie with brudder in the drive thru!


BOL that brudder will never smile fur the flashy thing. He always does somefing crazy when Momma breaks it out.

When we got home I had a good gulp of water and got my french fry reward for being such a good boy.


Then I went and got my frog stuffy and snuggled wif Momma cause the vet is exhausting.


Sunday was Father’s Day so Mom, Dad and brudder went to Pap’s and visited wif him and cousin Oscar and Noisy.

 Father's Day

And guys them saw a wild turkey while they were there. Dang that looks tasty!! Winking smile


When they got home Momma had to pack brudder up for somefing called a mission trip. Tilda “helped”.


And then this morning I realized that meant brudder was going somewhere for a long time and well…

Depression has set in.


It’s gonna be a long week fur Momma. I will be stuck to her like glue.

Over & Out,



  1. Gosh Matt, there's so much happening at your place! Glad to hear you got a good report card frum the Dogtor, well done and yummy chips as a reward, woohoo!
    WHERE haf Brudder gone????? Good job you're there to gif Mom luffs and cuddles, you are pawfect for the job!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Matt you gotted an A+ dogtor report... THAT is super..Glad that you gotted your FRY TREAT...

    You will take excellent care of your mom while da BRUDDER is gone.

  3. Thank goodness that docster visit is over
    Lily & Edward

  4. Glad the dogtors was okay. (Dui goes Friday.) Always sad when a pack member goes away. We know you'll help your mom smile....

  5. Glad the vet was okay! Hope your brother has a safe time!

  6. One French are better than me, I scream for 10!!! stella rose

  7. Well, that was a pretty good weekend, Matt...even if you had to go to the dogter.