Thursday, February 16, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Dis are a throwback to when I furst came to live wif my pawrents, brudder and fur siblings. The whole story is here.

Matt & Ginger Meeting For the First Time

I think I have gained some lbs from all the yummy foodables they give me. Winking smile

My furst meeting wif Angel Sisser Ginger was thru the window. We chatted about how we would try to be best buddies and how Ginger would not be sharing her toys wif me dat I had to get my own and stuffs. BOL BOL


Eventually Daddy let us meet face to face and we were on our bestest behavior. We had some bouts of yelling at each other but fur the most part we were bestest siblings!

Matt & Ginger First Outdoor Meeting

Over & Out,



  1. You are such a sweetie and we enjoyed reading your coming home story!

  2. WE love your Story, Matt. You are a GOOD GUY.

  3. We think YOUR story shows that some good things happen in storms. AND we think you were very clever in choosing which garage to shelter in!

  4. Aw! What a great TBT! You are still as precious as ever :) Henry

  5. what a great story Matt!

    Abby Lab

  6. Isn't it just great finding a forever home.

  7. I'm sure glad you found such a wonderful home! Forever homes are the best. Also, loved the pictures of you and your Angel sister Ginger. I bet she is watching over you and your whole family.

  8. Aww, I love seeing pix of when pups and kittehs furst come to the furever home.