Friday, February 3, 2023

My Backyard Boyfriend

 I would like to introduce you to Sheldon. Mama calls him my backyard boyfriend. Sheldon (©Jenny Bell @ Bell Fur Zoo)

Him are our neighbor down da streets cat buts him loves our backyard so he comes daily to look fur lizards, stare at da birds and lounge on our back porch. 

The only reason Mama calls hims my boyfriend is beclaws he is the only cat I don't hiss, growl and loose my marbles at. Wif all the other cats I will run from window to window like a wild banshee telling them to get da heck out of our yard sooo her has come to da conclusion dat I luvs him...I wouldn't go dat far buts it is February so he can maybe be my valentine. 😉



  1. matilda…..we hurd ewe hada beau sew we steeled a cell ewe lar dee vize
    two stop bye reel quik
    and say when ewe N sheldon get mare reed, we will supply de fishez for
    de receptshun. sheldon iz most handsum ❤️❤️.

  2. Those Gray Boys are all handsome !

  3. He is a handsome mancat. A pretty girl like you must have lots of mancats seeking your paw. XO

  4. You have chosen well. Now, have you chosen a Valentine gift for him ...

  5. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY Matilda OMCs it was such a treat to see your name pop up. Sheldon is most handsome...
    Hugs Cecilia