Monday, June 22, 2015

That Lying Kitty Cat

I should have nose when sisser Tilda told me I was going for a car ride that it would end just like sisser Ginger’s car ride a couple weeks ago.


Geejahwah told me not to trust her and that it was a trick but I was dumb and jumped in the car thinking this was gonna be a fun family outing.




Why didn’t I listen to Geejahwah WHYYYYYYY…

Oh look it’s cousin Higgies. Higgins Help me!!! Let’s make a run for it!!!


Oh wait that is not Higgies. How Embarrassing… Drats! Disappointed smile

They are calling my name…

Well this isn’t so bad I guess. The nice tech lady took me back to get my bloodwork and to get my nails did. She said I was a good boy the whole time.


So can we leave now!Rolling on the floor laughing


Mom said we couldn’t leave til we saw the Dogtor so I watched some dog TV. When the Dogtor came in I hid behind my brother.


Mom said she didn’t get any pics with the Dogtor cause I was nervous and she knows how much I hate the evil flashy thing.

I eventually came out and she gave me my shots and checked out my tummy and stuff.

Guys I gots the hooked worm! OMD Surprised smile! The dogtor said I probably got it from smelling kitty treasures in the yard.

Huh?? My kitty cat sisser lives inside! I tells you what I bet Tilda is inviting all her furiends with the hooked worm to the yard so I will get it! You better believe I am gonna give her a good talkin’ to when I gets home!

The Dogtor gave us some nasty medicine I have to take now and then again in two weeks. Guys I hope you never get the hooked worm cause when I say nasty I mean so nasty you feels sicks to your tummy! Sick smile

Anyway we were finally done and I was so happy to be outa there & in the car that I forgot to warn all the other dogs that were going in! Those poor souls don’t even know what’s comin’!Confused smile


I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the way home in brothers lap.


I got lots of beef jerky for being such a good boy..


and then commenced to snoring loudly the rest of the day.


Going to the Dogtor is a lot of work.

Over & Out,



  1. Yikes, hope dose hooked worms go away quick!

  2. OMD OMD MATTTTTTTTTTTTttttttttttttttttttttt the dreaded HOOKED WORM thingy... I (Frankie Furter) gotted that HOOKED WORM thingy from eating too many BUNNY POOPS... I know the meds are NASTY... butt DARN those Bunny Poops were SOOOOOOO worth it... Just sayin.

    Now about that TRUSTING... Peeps can be SOOOOOOO sneaky sometimes... and this is proof of it... SHEESH... Sorry Buddy.

  3. Oh no I hope you get better soon!! Xo MaddiethePug

  4. I think you are right about your kitty sister planning the whole thing about inviting the neighbors cats to your yard to set u up.

    We hope u get better soon.

  5. Oh no, not the vet. Tell your humans to keep the beef jerky coming!

  6. We have ALL been tricked by that 'fun ride', at one time or another. Should be a law against it. However, if there's enough jerky.....then you can take it. Bummer about the hooked worms.

  7. Yes we often are tricked into thinking we are going to go to the fairgrounds and run in the wind, only to find out our mom has turned left instead of right, and we immediately start to cry, mom says it is very heartbreaking to listen to but it still does not stop her from taking us to the frankenvet. We all need all nails cut, but she is putting it off cos Gussie is a screamer. stella rose

  8. gots the Hooked Worms? That is not better step up the kittie patrol, ASAP!


  9. Sparky said to tell you he was sorry to hear about the hooked worm. He does not like going to the dogter either.