Thursday, October 1, 2015

Momma Done Lost Her Mind

Guys Momma has done lost her marbles.

Beclaws she is all out of comish with the backs situation. She does lots of couch sitting with me and all that couch sitting made her take a good hard look at my pot belly which I gets from the Cushings....

Soo what does Momma do guys...

She gets on the googles and does a bazillion hours of research and decides she is gonna change my diet to the raws. Well that is nice and all and the food is super yummies but it is not as filling as my old stuffs.

I miss my grain free beef and potato kibble....

I miss my mini 5 calorie milk bones snacks every half hour when I demands them....

I miss my table snacks and cracker snacks....

#maddiethepug I need a #cheeseburger STAT!!!!!

I tried to plead my case to brother and he is all rolling his eyes at me and stuffs telling me to hush it cause he is trying to get some sleeps! 

What the pug brother I thought you were on my side!!! We dogs have to sticks together...

I see how your gonna be..RUDE!!!

Someone help me before I starves to death!!!



Note from Mom:

She will survive

Thank you for all the comment luv about my back. This go around of shots seems to be working much better then the last set but I am still dealing with some pain. 


  1. What no milk bones !!!!!
    I'd best get a Red Cross Parcel of milk bones straight over to yous...make sure you get to it before Mom does!!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Bol! Our mommy does that too. We eat a rice meal my mommy cooks us. But we sneak in the good stuff when she's not looking. Xxoo maddiethepug

  3. My previous dog had food allergies so we had to switch him to a dog food that was 95 percent lamb. I made it homemade for a while until we found the canned stuff...that's a LOT of work!

  4. I fink there is an agency you will need to call about the lack of care and neglect at your is in the telephone book.
    stella rose

  5. Oh my. !!! So funny, but hope mom feels better
    Lily & Edward

  6. Hopefully if your mom gets feeling better her brain will be back on straight and will feed you right by golly.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Bummer about noticing your tummy. But raw food is good. You just need to look very sad and starving to keep the treats coming your way.

  8. Your Mom just wants you to be healthy and feel good ALL of the time. We hope she is better soon.

    Abby Lab

  9. I agree...your Mom HAS lost her mind, but I am sure glad the shots are working for her! DakotasDen