Friday, December 8, 2017

Tilda Talks

Tilda Talks-1

So Mama has been hasen da bad migraines cause it’s da time of year fur all da cool fronts. I nose Mama always has da migraines buts her has the barometric kind soooo livin’ in FL probably isn’t da bestest buts dat are da cards her was dealt so her just deals wif it…Anywhos Mama has been going to the chiropractor to gets massages and gettin’ all dat crack a lackin’ stuffs done so when her gets home her takes a nice detox baff….

Well ya’ll nose I wuv a baff…I mean danglin’ my paws in and playin’ in da water type not me actually gettin’ in…So there I was minding my own bizness waiting fur da water to fill up and fur Mama to gets in. Well her does so I waits like 2.5 seconds and hop up and proceed to walk to my little perch in da tub when all of a suddens I fall in again see da last time I fell in here well not only do I fall in I tries to save mahself by grabbing the big conch shell behind Mama’s head…

Mom's shoulder (Tilda Tales December 8th) - 2

Guys I lost my stuffs and freaked the fork out. So not only did I almost knock Mama out wif da conch shell I scratched her ups real bad. My bad Mama!! Soo Mama pushes me onto my perch in da tub and I proceed to high tail it to da udder side to get out and fall in AGAIN so Mama has to propel me out of da tub to which I proceeded to run to her room.

Mom's shoulder (Tilda Tales December 8th) - 3

Well Mama is screaming her heads off fur Daddy and you nose whats he nefur came..What da what DAD!! So Mama is just picsuring me wallering all over her bed trying to gets dry…buts I came back to her as her was screaming her heads off and layed on her towel til her decided her baff was over and her was just gonna take a shower and call it a day..

It was sooo exhausting I passed out cold once Mama dried me off.

Matilda (Tilda Tales December 8th) - 1




  1. Matilda, you fell in the bath....twice??!! How could your mama just worry about a bit of water on the bed, when you nearly drownded twice!

  2. OH MY!! That must have been so traumatic for you Matilda!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  3. Yikes! Crockett likes to watch da mommas take baffs - I avoid dat wet stuff like nobody's bizness.

  4. Poor Mama!! POOR YOU!!!!! OMC HOW AWFUL! Thank goodness you are both ok!!! xoxo

  5. Well, wasn't that quite the adventure? We think maybe you didn't learn from the last time you fell in, Matilda? You better watch out or Mama is going to lock you out of the bathroom when she needs her relaxing time! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  6. OMC! Matilda, that had to been so scary! We know you didn't mean to scratch your mom up.

  7. OMD, I can't believes your momma would be so selfish to catterwaul about some little scratchies when you had the trauma of falling into the water! I hope you've recovered.