Saturday, July 11, 2015

Spoiled Much....

Last night brother spent the night at a friends house and the big booms started coming from the sky and I was shaking like a leaf. 

Brother usually protects me and I sits with him in his room in my shady thing or my fort so Daddy brought my shady thing into the living room in front of where Mommy was sitting so I wouldn't be scared.

Mom woke up this morning and snapped this with the flashy thing and says I am getting a little bit too spoiled.

I say Daddy is finally getting used to my big self being in the house &

He wuvs me a whole much!!! That's all no spoiledness going on here.....

Over & Out,


  1. Being spoiled is ok! We pugs are very spoiled. Xxoo

  2. nothing wrong with being spoiled - should be a daily mandatory event we think

  3. We think you DESERVE to be spoiled a bit Matt. We hate those booming thingys, too.

  4. You aren't spoiled! That's the way dogs are supposed to be treated!

    We had a BIG storm last night, too.....with booms, lightning, rain AND hail!