Thursday, July 2, 2015

They Can Keep Their Cooties

First we furgot to show you this picture yesterday of brother with our doggie cousin that was down with our human cousins Bradley & Rebecca. She is in brother's lap and her name is Freya. We didn't gets to meet her but brother said she was so cute and sweet. Also pictured is our Gram & Pap's Dog Oscar and their cat Noisy/Maurice him has two names MOL. Animals just love our Bub!!


The dogs are having issues and they has the cooties!

First off sisser Ginger's old age is making her walk in circles a lot this week. I watch from the door and let Mom know that it is time to go get her when her starts doing this. Mom say's the dogter said it was from her dimentia since her is almost 14.  Hers gets confused so she just starts doing this.

When She comes in I tries to help her out and lead her to her bed so she can rest.

There there sisser you just shut your eyes and sleep. Mom also thinks all these circles is making sisser throws up cause her gets dizzy so we has to keep a close eye on her.

Brother Matt or Big Black Dog as I like to call him has also been sick with a tummy ache. So he has been sticking close to brother. Brother set up his shade lounge in the guest room near his desk so Matt will get lots of rest.

They are both on a bland diet of rice and broth til their tummy issues get better.

I am sticking close to mamma so I don't catch their dog cooties. 

This was me trying to get in some kneeding/snuggle time. Anyone else kiss the blankies when they snuggle???

It is actually pretty nice for me cause I gets her all to myself when they are sleeping.

xoxo, Matilda


  1. I hopes all the sickie tummies soon sort themselves out, make the most of your extra Mum alone time!
    I luffs the Shade Lounge, just pawfect!
    loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I hope you will all feel better soon.

  3. Hope everyone gets better soon!

  4. Dang, we sure hope all is well and back to normal soon!

  5. we sure hope those tummy troubles settle down soon

  6. It is hard when one is not feeling good -then two not feeling good - dang. Hope you all get feeling better very soon.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Is that cat licking your brother's toes??!!

    We think it's great that you help Ginger...poor ole thing. Hope everyone is better soon.

  8. Tummy troubles are no fun. Hope everyone is back to their old selves soon!

    Abby Lab

  9. Crikey ..... things are a bit hectic at your house, aye?? Hope you manage to stay clear of all those cooties and also hope everyone is feeling a lot better soon. I do that kissing my blankie thing too. It drives Mum crazy. My blankie gets all wet. I LOVE my blankie.